How NOT to Present Your Garden

Don’t do anything too drastic
There is nothing worse than seeing a hedge that has been chopped in half, leaving it looking twiggy and ill. Something like this can leave buyers remembering the bad points about the garden rather than the good.

Don’t impose too many different styles
When designing a garden or preparing one for sale, you must avoid combining styles. For example, having a mix between a Japanese style and an English country garden will only ever look uncomfortable and uninviting. Try to stick to a single style in each garden room.

Try to avoid covering the garden in pebbles
Covering the garden beds in pebbles will not automatically make buyers think “low maintenance”. It can lead to an unfriendly, hot and harsh appearance… not to mention the cost and labour involved.

Never leave gaps in the borders
If there is a gaping hole in one of your garden beds, try to fill it with something suited to the style of the garden. Lower spots can be filled with potted colour that will brighten up the garden. Dense, full and lush garden beds that look well cared for will leave buyers with a positive feeling about the property.

If you’d like me to have a look at your property and give you any free advice on the best and most effective garden presentation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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