How to Present Your Garden

Tidy up!
Prune and clip everything, also weed all garden beds. It sounds rather simple however it can seem daunting. The hardest part is the beginning (isn’t that always the case!). It is amazing how quickly this can be done. If the weeds are just starting to emerge, spray them with a herbicide but allow at least two weeks for them to disappear.

Topping up your garden beds with fresh mulch/fertilizer really helps to finish off the garden clean up. Mulch is not only beneficial for the garden but by smartening it up it sets the precedence for the rest of the house!

There’s more to gardens than plants
Ensure all your entertaining areas and pathways are clean and clear, the deck has been freshly cleaned and oiled and the lawn has had a good cut (and edge!). Another must is to fix up any minor defects that may detract the eye, such as a splits in the deck boards or the pond pump that no longer works.

Highlight the front door
The front door is what prospective buyers are looking for, so help them out! A neat and tidy front yard is important but they need to know where they’re going. Not seeing a front door can leave buyers feeling confused and unsettled even before they step into the property. Some of the negative comments I’ve heard from buyers in the past have related to something as simple as them not being able to find the front door due to outdoor clutter.  Showing off the door can easily be achieved by a pot in the style of the house and some seasonal colour, or for a more modern property look at architectural plants with striking foliage.

Get rid of all the garden gnomes, fairy lights, kangaroo statues and all the other outdoor ornaments littering the garden. You want buyers to feel they can add their personal touch to the house and not have to put up with yours.

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