Presentation Tips For Your Bathroom

Make sure your saleability doesn’t go down the drain. The bathroom, like the kitchen, is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so naturally most buyers don’t want to buy a home with a bathroom that requires too much work.

So what is important in a bathroom? Well that depends on the house. If it is a four bedroom home, then there would be the assumption that it is a family home; therefore requiring a bath, ample storage space, a good sized shower and enough room to move around in. Another bonus to the saleability of the house is to have an ensuite.

A smaller unit on the other hand may only need a small bathroom, and may not even need a bath or an en-suite. But there is one important point that you need to apply, irrespective of the size and style of the house and the bathroom: cleanliness. There is nothing more off–putting to a buyer than seeing a dirty bathroom that is in a state of disrepair. This is the room where people go to get clean; they certainly can’t do this in a dirty, poorly functioning bathroom.

Here are some bathroom tips for sale day (as well as in general):

* Keep the room well ventilated giving it an airy feel. This will prevent a build–up of mould, as well as preventing any paint work from peeling

* Keep shower screens scum free. Ensure there is no squeak when you open and close them

* Keep drains free of hair and other debris. Using a drain cleaner regularly will prevent blockages and horrible smells

* Make sure there is plenty of space to hang towels

* Keep exhaust fans clean and in good working order

* Ensure there is adequate lighting

* Keep mirrors, toilet, tiles, basin and vanity sparkling clean

* Don’t forget the windows! Make sure the windows, screens, tracks, sills and coverings are all clean. In some cases, it may be advisable to remove the window coverings.
There is nothing more off–putting than a dirty bath or toilet. There are also some things you can do to make the bathroom more appealing for real estate photographs and open inspections:

* Create a day spa–like atmosphere. Don’t go overboard and clutter the room, but add a few touches like nice fluffy white towels, a few scented candles or soaps, and a nice floor mat to step out of the bath on to

* A couple of rolled up face wash cloths or hand towels on the bench top  (if space permits) adds a little bit of colour and texture, and also softens the space

* A small vase of flowers also adds a little bit of charm

* Replace old, worn cupboard and drawer handles with new, modern ones. This gives an instant facelift to the room

* Update taps and faucets, and ensure there are no drips or leaks

* Ensure the rooms smell fresh and clean. You don’t want them to smell like a chemical factory; an open window should do the trick

Basically the common theme in this article is telling you to clean, clean, clean! Don’t underestimate the importance of cleanliness. One final tip is to take note of repairs; some things you may be able to tackle yourself, but other things will require the expertise of a licensed tradesperson. Remember to abide by state regulations and standards. Ask your conveyancer if you have any queries about doing extensive (and expensive) works including re-plumbing and knocking out walls.

With a clean room, in good working order and a few finishing touches, prospective buyers will be sure to shower your home with love.

Peter Konidaris
Real Estate Advisor
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Specialising in real estate for Cheltenham, Mentone and surrounds.