Your Personal Guide to Moving

As your move approaches, there are many items to attend to. An organised approach is essential and the following may be of assistance.

  • Obtain insurance for your newly purchased home immediately.
  • Select a removalist. Obtain two or three comprehensive quotes and ensure you discuss insurance.
  • Have a supply of ‘notification’ cards – it’s the best way of informing people about your change of address.
  • If renting, advise the owner or managing agent, giving the required 28 days notice in writing.
  • Establish which local council you will be moving into and they will be able to inform you which day the garbage is collected in your area.
  • Why pay to move items you no longer want? Start afresh. It’s amazing the number of things you’ll discover that you no longer need. Consider having a garage sale!
  • If you plan to do your own packing, start well before your moving date. Make sure you identify each box carefully and nominate which room it should be placed in. Collect boxes, tape, newspaper and bubble wrap.
  • Prepare an inventory of everything and keep it with you on moving day.
  • Refer to Peter’s Notification List for a detailed list of people, organisations and services to contact (ask Peter today to obtain your copy).

Last week before the move
  • Confirm arrival time with the removalist.
  • Arrange an appointment with your Peter for a pre-settlement inspection of your new property.
  • Cancel all delivery services, such as the daily newspaper.
  • Tidy the garden, cut the lawns and remove any rubbish. It is wise to empty fuel from lawn mowers, lamps and fuel heaters. Also empty any gas bottles – they may possibly explode in transit.
  • Collect and return outstanding items, eg. Dry-cleaning, shoe repairs.
  • Arrange a permit for on-street parking (if required).
  • Defrost the fridge the night before your move.
  • Don’t forget to say goodbye to your neighbours!

Moving Out
  • Make sure all valuable documents and keys are carried with you.
  • Check that nothing is left behind. Double check cupboards, sheds, attics, garages and under the house.
  • Is everything turned off and locked?
  • Consider arranging for children and pets to stay with friends or relatives on the day.
Moving In
  • Be there to direct the unloading of furniture and boxes .
  • Try and unpack as you go to check for missing or broken belongings.
  • Unpack refrigerated items first.
  • Ensure that there is hot and cold water.
  • Ensure that the telephone, electricity and gas are connected.
  • Keep pets inside for the first day or two to help them familiarise with their new surroundings.
  • Re-use, return or recycle flattened boxes.
  • Enjoy your new home and neighbourhood!

Happy Moving!

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Real Estate Advisor
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