Cheltenham & Kingston Plans and Infrastructure (February 2014)

After the most recent council meeting in Kingston, here’s the latest:

The Bay Trail
There has been an agreement where the back-of-kerb Bay Trail for bicycles and pedestrians which will run from Charman Road to the Mentone Life Saving Club has been approved.

I can’t say I’ve ever been to Costco before, but I’ve seen some of their products… Well, the good news for all of you Costco fans is that they have announced their intention to develop a facility at Moorabbin Airport. There are complexities however because the airport is on Commonwealth land. No decision has been finalised at this stage, however if all goes well with the federal government and Kingston City Council then we may be welcoming the US retailer into the area.

Mentone Junction and Mentone Activity Centre
VCAT hearings continue with the Mentone junction (including the Mentone Ten Pin Bowl site’s) proposed development along with other proposed developments. This has been a very complex case with Council approving sites of up to 6 storeys (but not allowing the originally proposed 9 storey site). This has confused some people however, considering that only a 4 storey limit was approved for the Mentone Activity Centre (which is not close to the main junction).

The view of Mentone Parade from Como Pde West c1920s

The view of Mentone Parade from Como Pde West 1920

In my opinion, the Mentone Activity Centre will be an absolutely stunning upgrade. One for all Kingston residents to get excited about. For more information click here to view the Mentone Structure Plan.

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