“Peter is an asset to your agency!” – Angela Lewis (2014)

“Our campaign was conducted in a very professional manner, excellent job!” … “We met Peter at an open last year and his friendly & professional service was a standout. 10/10!!” Jim & Lara Alateras (2013)

We observed a lot of Peter’s sale boards in our area. Also, the property had been with another agent and had not sold, so we decided to give Peter a chance because of the boards.” – Bill & Heather Rutherford (2011)

“I met Peter Konidaris at an ‘open for inspection’ and noted his professionalism, general interest and was very friendly.” – Sandi Gemmell (2009)

“Thanks so much for your wonderful support and great work.  You have been so professional, diligent and quite OUTSTANDING!  Thank You.”  – Amanda Connors (2013)

“Peter & Anna were willing to assist in all matters. 10 out of 10!” Bill & Helen Mayberry (2014)

“We had just severed the agreement with another agency. Peter had called just prior to this. We were impressed with his initiative.” … “We highly recommend Peter and will tell friends not to waste their time anywhere else, and to ask for Peter specifically.” – Glen & Rebecca Tavares (2009)

“Having bought & sold 4 properties in the last 18 months, dealing with Peter was superior over all of the others by FAR! 10 out of 10.” – Sally & Michael Scopel (2012)

“Peter Konidaris visited our home following visits from two other agents. Peter’s demeanour was delightful and far more professional than the previous two estate agents that visited us.” – Simon & Allison Patchett (2010)

“Although private inspections at 6-7pm were very difficult for us, the sales consultant managed to convey the importance of the inspections and these did lead to a successful sale.” – Margaret Robinson-Sabbath & Roxanne Higgins (2010)

“Our decision was made as soon as we met Peter. He was professional and didn’t try the usual agent tactics. Very refreshing!” – Phillip & Titik Schenk (2013)


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